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Sock Panda Celebrates Great Moms Everywhere! (HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY)

Mother's Day Sock Panda Celebration

Sock Panda Celebrates the Great Moms Everywhere!

I (Sock Panda Owner) understand and value Mothers all over the world.  Whether my mom is driving me crazy or making me super happy – I cherish her.  I love my Mom and appreciate all the hard work great Mom’s everywhere to make life and living a little better. 

This last year was difficult for many of us for different reasons.  Moms were especially impacted – not only as the head of households and primary care givers -- but becoming educators as well as family therapists.

I’ve watched my Mom (as she gets slightly older and wiser) do her best adapting to the recent changes and restrictions and I feel very proud of her. 

She (My Mom) always supports the Sock Panda.  In fact, she  even comes in to the Sock Panda Sock Shop on Saturdays to help save the world from boring socks.  This business could not exist without her.

We truly are a family run business!

Proud to be Panda! 




(AKA Jonathan)

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