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Very cute I like the texture

Red Athletic Knee High (Compression Socks)
Lawrence Dietz (Los Angeles, US)
Give Stendhal a run, or walk, for his money (well, yours)

Okay, I was showing off. I never read his novel "The Red and the Black," but these just-right-red socks peeping out from under black pants? Perfect. Plus, like the other Panda compression socks, not too heavy.

Gave as a gift, he loves them!

They're good quality and arrived quickly.

French Fries Ankle Socks (Adult Large)
Meghann O'Malia (Columbia, US)
Gave as a gift, he loves them!

They're good quality and arrived quickly.

Purple Slouch Socks (Adult Medium)
Ashley Sommers (Greensburg, US)
As advertised

I got these as a present for my mom and she loved them! They were very soft and just as advertised

Women's Sock Subscription
Sd (Flagstaff, US)
Super cute for a good cause

Love the socks and getting new ones every month. A fun surprise to look forward to

Shark Pattern Ankle Socks (Adult Large)
Dani-Jo Trusdell (Marietta, US)
Shark Ankle Socks

My daughter loves sharks so of course she loved these socks! Made well and shipped quickly! Thank you!

Kids Owl Socks

Very nice and soft! Arrive quickly.

(Hers and His Sized or They) Mixed Sock Subscription
Jonathon Petraglia (Englewood, US)
Some are fantastic but multiple off-putting designs

Some I've absolutely loved, but have now gotten 3 pairs that I would actually classify as "creepy" and not in a good way. Just really weird cartoon animals that are just uncomfortable to look at. The other sub was more patterns that were mostly okay, some interesting, but others a bit boring.

Yellow Slouch Socks (Adult Medium)
Jae Martin (Oakland, US)

The socks are perfect. They were not the yellow I was expecting (i.e.deep bright banana yellow) but were a perfect match for my high school colors that I needed for class reunion.

Green Athletic Knee High (Compression Socks)
Lawrence Dietz (Los Angeles, US)
It's not too early to get your wardrobe ready for St. Patrick's Day

Nice (lighter) weight. Certainly if you're marching in the Fifth Avenue parade, you'll welcome this support, and if you just need support standing at the bar at your local tavern, well, that, too. [Insert smiling emoji here.]

Orange Athletic Knee High - (Compression Socks)
Lawrence Dietz (Los Angeles, US)
A grand orange

Let these peek from under your slacks!

Music Note Pattern Knee High - (Compression Socks)
Lawrence Dietz (Los Angeles, US)
Eine kleine Nacht- (und Tages-) Musik

Gave these to wonderful guitarist (General) Jimmie Hughes. They suit his considerable style perfectly.

Brown Slouch Socks (Adult Medium)
Edward Thibodeau (Rockland, US)
Brown socks

I liked the socks I purchased just fine. Will you be offering socks in navy blue?

Thank you,

I am hoping to have the Navy Slouch socks in next week.


Math Socks from the Sock Panda
Michael Ayers (Newport, GB)
Sock it to me

A great product promptly delivered.

Sky Blue Slouch Socks (Adult Medium)
Ricky Burger (Atlanta, US)
slouch socks

this is my second order and I love these sock, great seller!!!!

Thank you!

Beautiful, well-constructed, perfect weight --- and good for you? Superfecta!

Plus! Great price. Google says a winning first-five-place wager is a Pentafecta. Okay, Sock Panda Pentafecta doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. Back in the previous, print century, the New York Herald-Tribune teased its serious morning competitor with ads saying, "Who says a Good Newspaper Has to Be Dull?" Well, then, who says compression socks have to be dull? (This praise goes for Panda's yellow and red athletic knee high compressions, as well as colorful striped knee high compressions.)

That is an amazing review!

Looks like I'm wearing shoes

Love the socks, amazing

Poor Material and Ugly

I did not like any of the socks I received from sock panda. The material was very thin and uncomfortable and the designs were so tacky.


I am not sure how to respond to the quality issue. That is not a regular complaint. However, some people don't like cotton socks.

As for the designs, I we were always willing to customize the socks to your preferences.


Fun Socks!!

We love the socks! Super comfy and fit great. Each month has been critter socks, but the last 2 months were very similar.

Thank you - we are willing to send replacements if you didn't like one of the months.

Girl Scout Rewards Sock Subscriptions!
Addy W. (Broken Arrow, US)
The socks are fun, but not the designs we would have liked.

The socks are different and cute, but many of the designs just aren't my daughter style. She was still happy to recieve them, but hasn't really chosen those socks to wear when sock selection time arrives.

Oh no - we are always willing to tweak the styles toward her preferences..

Thank you for the honest review!

Girl Scout Rewards Sock Subscriptions!
Madison Gray (Broken Arrow, US)
My 8 year old loved these

My daughter received a 3 month subscription for a girl scout reward and she has loved them.

Thank you!

Great socks

My daughter loved receiving her monthly socks! She loves the designs and wears them proudly!

Thank you very much!

Men's Gift Sets (4-Pack)
Joshua Goldbaum (Nashville, US)

Comfy, not too big, amazing designs. 10/10, I need more socks.

Thank you.

Green with Black Polka Dots Ankle Socks (Adult Medium)

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