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High quality Peruvian Pima cotton combined with stretch yarns for comfort and shape ensuring that each pair is held to the highest standards. Sock Panda partnered with Indutexa S.A., the top sock manufacturer in Lima, Peru. We picked Indutexa because it is a family run enterprise that treats its workers well and uses high quality materials.


Unlike much commercial cotton, Peruvian pima cotton is harvested entirely by hand. Not only is harvesting by hand more environmentally sound, it’s better for the cotton itself. Industrial harvesting tears the cotton fibers, giving it a yellowed hue and creating a scratchy texture that affect the smoothness of the final garment. The careful hand harvesting of Peruvian pima, however, results in a brilliant white shade of whole cotton, which dyes beautifully and feels soft and smooth against the skin.


The length of the fibers in the processed yarn is important for high quality. The longest fibers are found in Peruvian Pima cotton which is renowned for its superior fiber length, strength, and consistency. Peruvian Pima cotton makes the softest, finest socks you will ever experience.


Perfect for those who suffer from allergies or those with sensitive skin


A strong yarn must be woven as tightly as possible in order to achieve maximum durability and quality. CNC-controlled knitting machines tightly knit our socks, guaranteeing long-lasting, high-quality products.


Socks undergo much greater stress in the heel and toe area than in the rest of the sock, so thicker yarns are used here or the yarn is worked multiple times during the knitting process.


The color, fabric and fit of our socks are regularly tested in person by the production manager.


The Sock Panda looks for ideas everywhere to create new sock concepts. The creative process includes inspiration, artwork, graphic design, color and yarn selection as well, as the creation of samples to ensure an amazing final product. We are proud of our unique Sock Panda designs.


Finally, the Sock Panda works each day to fulfill orders immediately from our Sock Shop store in Culver City, California to get you your socks as soon as possible. We handle all our own customer service and personally package each order. This allows us flexibility and accountability.

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