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The Sock Panda recently partnered with Caterina's Club

Proud to be Panda!

The Sock Panda recently partnered with Caterina's Club – donating approximately 1000 pairs of socks.

 (Caterina’s Club’s mission is to provide warm meals, affordable housing assistance, and job training to homeless and low-income families throughout Southern California. It is supported by a vision where we are creating a modicum of consistency in these children’s lives through something as simple yet meaningful as a nightly dinner.)  ( @caterinas_club

The Sock Panda not only take its mission to create amazing high quality fun socks in order to create smiles a priority, but we remember to give back.

To date - the Sock Panda has donated over 140,000 pairs of socks!

Socks are still the most requested item for many non-profits dedicated to help those most in need.

Thank you for helping the Sock Panda gives back.



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