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Why Sock Panda is the Best Gift Ever.

Yes – This blog is a bit of self-promotion, but this doesn’t mean the content is not true!

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Sock Panda Socks are not only a great gift for someone (or yourself), but truly the gift that keeps on giving! 

Because the Sock Panda donates a pair of socks to someone in need with every purchase, you are not just gifting awesome socks, but also helping someone in need.  As of today, the Sock Panda has donated over 142,000 pairs of socks.

Even more fantastic, if you decide to purchase one of our incredible Sock Subscriptions, you are also giving an amazing monthly reminder of how much you care. The fantastic monthly gift is sure to create smiles!

And . . . . let’s face it!   Socks are just a really special gift!  Sock Panda designs or selects socks that help express a wide range of personalities and attitudes.  There is something for just about everyone.  If you can’t decide on a specific sock, let the Panda choose with one of our surprise gift sets (4-packs) or subscriptions – you just select the style.

Sock Panda socks are fun, but also practicable.  They fit most people without even knowing their size, and they are almost always used.  Our socks are affordable, very soft, and add a gentle splash to an outfit.  We use the phrase “conversation starter” because our fun socks really do encourage fun discussions.

So, no matter who you’re shopping for we have the perfect pair of socks. Whether they are immediate family members, friends or colleagues, Sock Panda Socks are the Perfect Gift for any person, occasion, and personality. 

Finally, a HUGE SHOUT OUT to our amazing partner AllStickerPrinting who has designed some cool custom stickers for us.. If you need customized products for your business, event, or just for fun, check them out! They offer great quality products, at reasonable prices with amazing customer service! Keep up the great work AllStickerPrinting!

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