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3 Reasons Why Sock Panda Socks Are a Perfect Gift

  1. Our socks are high quality 85% Peruvian cotton and manufactured lovingly in Peru. These high quality socks don't fall apart like the socks you buy in a store. Even after years of use, your Sock Panda socks will remain hole-free, stay comfortable up around your foot and leg, and won't fall apart, even for those with more active foot lifestyles.
  2. Sock Panda has sizes and styles for everyone. Choose from bold, daring and crazy designs or more work appropriate patterns (like argyle socks). We've even got socks for the kids! 
  3. Your gift recipient gets an easy reminder of why they love you every month. It's a simple, low cost, low-effort high-reward, great quality gift that everyone from friends, family and coworkers will love!

Let's not forget what we do for the community: For every subscription Sock Panda receives, we donate one pair of socks to the homeless and those in need. So far, we've been able to donate over 141,000 pairs! Wear awesome socks, and know that you are helping someone in need who wants them even more.

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