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The Sock Panda Really Loves Socks!

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Who Is The Sock Panda?

The Sock Panda is a kind panda who wanted to be more than just black and white. He wanted color!  As a result he started making colorful and fun socks to spice up his life. Now he shares his favorites with the world. His designs are inspired by the moment and reflect the eclectic beauty of his hometown Venice.

What kind of socks can I expect to receive (Subscriptions)?

Fun socks! The panda creates socks with colorful designs that are made of high quality materials, usually 85% Peruvian cotton (Best if washed in cold water). Some are bright and colorful, some are more subtle. All of them have patterns or graphics that will get compliments. You will receive different designs every month.

Read More About Our Socks Here

For Men:

Daring & Bold - These socks push the limits but are fun! bright colors, bold patterns, cool Characters and whimsical motifs.  Animals, Cartoons and nostalgic images.  Socks that make a statement that you’re definitely different and that you stand out from a crowd.

Stylish & Suave - Still bold and exciting, but a little more conservative.  Interesting patterns, Geometric shapes, bold colors.  Sure to get you noticed and start a conversation.

For Women:

Wild & Crazy - Fun, Colorful and Bright.  Wild patterns, cool characters and whimsical motifs.  Animals, cartoons and nostalgic  images.  Socks that make the statement that you’re definitely different and that you stand from a crowd.

Patterns & PrintsFun images, patterns and shapes.  Socks that are sure to get you noticed and start a conversation.

For Tween's (ages 8-11):

Two Pairs every month.  Wild & Crazy designs and Bold Patterns.  Socks that will let kids’ express their personality and stand out in a good way.

For Kid's (ages 3-7):

Adorable characters, animals, shapes and designs.  Socks are fun and colorful.  Each package comes with fun activities, and items such as stickers, crayons and toys. 

Can I choose which socks I receive each month?

No! That’s part of the fun. You get a surprise every month. The Sock Panda picks the best designs and makes sure that you don’t receive the same pair twice.

Can I buy gift?

Absolutely! You can specify the gift recipient’s name and address when you checkout.

Be sure to include a gift note. Your giftee will love our Handwritten notes!  If the package will be late - use link below so that your giftee won't be empty handed . . 

Printable Gift Note

How do I know that the socks will fit me?

Men’s socks will fit US men’s shoe size 8-12 (Sock Size 10-13). Women’s socks will fit US women’s shoe size 5-10 (Sock Size 9-11). If you’re in that range, the socks we send you will fit well.

Tween Sizes: Sock size 6-8 which ranges between ages 8-11. Many kids start to fit into adult socks at about age 12.  If the tween you have in mind is tall, or has rather large feet for her/his age, then just skip right on to our adult sizes.

Panda Pals will fit children ages 3 to 7 years.  Small corresponds to ages 3 to 5 (Shoe Size 7-12). Medium corresponds to ages 5 to 7 (Shoe Size 12-2).

What if I don’t like the socks I receive?

If you’re not satisfied with your socks for any reason, please contact us and we will send you a replacement. If you wish to change your style preference (Stylish & Suave/Daring & Bold, etc), please let us know!

When do I get my socks?

Please click here for our Shipping Information

    If you have a special request and need the socks to arrive on a particular day please contact us and we will accommodate you.

    When do I get charged (Subscriptions)?

    Your first charge happens immediately when you sign up. Subsequent charges occur on the same date each month.

    I’m outside of the United States. Can I subscribe?

    Of course. Just enter your information like anyone else. We charge an extra $4/month for international shipments.

    How can I meet the Sock Panda?

    The Panda loves meeting new people. Drop him a line here and he’ll get back to you to make plans:

    Does the Sock Panda provide wardrobe advice?

    Absolutely, email him with pictures and he’ll give you feedback:

    How do I know that my credit card info is secure?

    We use to manage subscription billing; your billing info is stored securely in Shopify's PCI-compliant system, and your credit card numbers never touch our servers.

    Wholesale & Retail

    I want to sell Sock Panda socks - whom do I contact?

    Please send the following information to

    • Business Name, Full Address . . .

    Bulk order

    Do you represent a company looking to buy Sock Panda for colleagues, an event or as . . . .   Send us a note here: Bulk Orders

    Custom Socks

    We got you covered: Use the following link:  Sock Panda Creates Custom Socks

    Want to become a Sock Panda Affiliate

    I would love to work with you.  Sock Panda has partnered with ShareASale.  Learn more by here:  Sock Panda /ShareASale Affiliate Program

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    Cancellations, Refunds and Such . . . 

    Please Click Here to Cancellation/Refund Policy

    Please contact us with questions or concerns. We are very helpful! 

    You can do so either through the Account Management Portal, sending an email to or calling us at (650) 307-6257.

    We’ll take care of you!