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The Perfect Gift for Mother's Day!

 For MOM - flowers are nice, but new fun socks every month is even better!

Send Mom a subscription from Sock Panda -- it's the perfect gift!
Select the style to suit her personality and subscription length, Sock Panda manages delivery to her door. You can even include a handwritten gift note, just tell us your message.
Our socks are designed in Venice, CA and use high quality, super soft cotton. Sock Panda offers sizes for Adult, Tween and Kids.  
We also donate socks to those in need, so we're a 
  gift that keeps on giving!  

Visit our website to order now.


This Mother's Day, receive 10% off a new subscription.  Sign up and use code HEART10 at check out.



Subscribe Today - Use coupon code HEART10 for 10% off.


There are a ton of reasons why we think you should but here are just a few so you don't get too exhausted.l

1) BUY ONE. GIVE ONE.  For every new sock subscription and renewal, The Sock Panda will donate a pair of socks to those in need.

2) CONVERSATION STARTER: Whether in the office or on a date, Sock Panda socks are designed with the idea that they should be able to spark a conversation.

3) BEST SOCKS EVER!  A bundle of joy will be delivered straight to your giftee's door. They’ll love the surprise of the new designs sent to them every month!

4) HANDWRITTEN NOTE:  Tell us what to write and we do the rest. Just a little extra to make your Dad smile.


          Let's not forget what we do for the community: For every subscription Sock Panda receives, we donate one pair of socks to the homeless and those in need. So far, we've been able to donate over 20,000 pairs! Wear awesome socks, and know that you are helping someone in need who wants them even more.