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2020 GRADUATES 👩🏻‍🎓👨🏻‍🎓

Kids are AMAZING!

This is an unprecedented time; the world has never seen this many children out of school at the same time. 
Their emotions are mixed as some are celebrating the time off, and others are unnerved and anxious about the change in routine.
In a situation like this it is normal to feel sad, worried, confused, scared or angry. 
However, most children are being resilient and are learning to stay positive in these times of uncertainty.  They are now distance learning, finding new ways to entertain themselves and even pitching in at home – our kids are truly amazing!
Now it is graduation time.  While this event will look different than it has in the past (as most life events currently do) – our kids have worked hard to get to this point in their lives.
It is still a time to celebrate!  Let’s reward our graduates!  Whether a young person is graduating from college, high school or moving from one grade to another – it is important to show our gratitude for their amazing resilience. 
Let’s celebrate this important transition in life and reward our kids for their patience!  -  We are the gift that keeps on giving!  With every purchase we donate socks to those in need.  Over 135,000 pairs donated so far.

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