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It is Socktober . . . . The Sock Give Back Month

Jonathan Donating Socks to ShareAMeal - Sock Panda

“In October 2011, creator Brad Montague realized there was a large homeless population in his hometown, and he wanted to do something about it. While researching the needs of the homeless community, he learned that socks are the items least donated to homeless shelters. So Brad took action. He began to film himself wishing people “Happy Socktober!” as he gave out pairs of socks on the streets, and he posted these videos on social media” (

Today, thousands of organization make October the month of donating socks to the homeless population and of course Sock Panda joins in to help those in need.

Last month we donated over 1100 pairs of socks to between the Venice Family Clinic and 

We are determined to do more this month!

Please let us know if there is a non-profit organization that will benefit a donation.

Also, you can also help us give back. We donate socks with every purchase!

1) Visit our Sock Shop online (

2) Come on into the store (12839 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA 90066)



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