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The Sock Panda recently partnered with Caterina's Club

Proud to be Panda! The Sock Panda recently partnered with Caterina's Club – donating approximately 1000 pairs of socks.  (Caterina’s Club’s mission is to provide warm meals, affordable housing assistance, and job training to homeless and low-income families throughout Southern California. It is supported by a vision where we are creating a modicum of consistency in these children’s lives through something as simple yet meaningful as a nightly dinner.)  ( @caterinas_club The Sock Panda not only take its mission to create amazing high quality fun socks in order to create smiles a priority, but we remember to give back. To date - the Sock Panda has donated over 140,000 pairs of socks! Socks are still the most requested item for...

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It is Socktober . . . . The Sock Give Back Month

Last month we donated over 1100 pairs of socks to between the Venice Family Clinic and  We are determined to do more this month! Please let us know if there is a non-profit organization that will benefit a donation. Also, you can also help us give back. We donate socks with every purchase!

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Socks and Sandals

First things first - We did it!  We donated over 1000 pairs of socks this month. The donations were split between the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and the 1736 Family Crisis Center .    We are not done yet as the Sock Panda pledges to donate another 1000 pairs this month too! **** Ok – so this is on my mind . . . . Summer and socks are not always thought of as a great pairing; especially these days with so many people working from home.  Seems like sandals are more the norm. BUT . . . . Socks and Sandals can be an amazing pair!!!!!! I get it; this is normally associated with dorky dads or a last minute getaway...

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Sock Panda is Grateful for your Support!

Today I want to express my gratitude.  The Sock Panda is able to endure because of our customers support.  Whether you know us online (as many of you do) or have finally gotten to know at the Sock Panda Sock Shop in Culver City – we feel honored to have the best customers there can be.

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Happy Father's Day!

Thanks to all the Dads, Papas, and Father-Figures!  More often than not seen as the heavy in the good cop/bad cop mother/father relationship. The one you were most fearful of as a child but the one you most wanted to make proud.  Or was that just me?  Mom – could really let me know something too! LOL Alighty then, leaving personal issues aside, as with many things in life, the expected role of Dads has changed a lot over the last few decades. Now, media and brands encourage Fathers to be the ‘complete’ man; one that is actively involved in the upbringing of the children rather than a periphery figure – and, like Mothers, a parent that needs to be celebrated. Whether...

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